An international travel ban has been imposed by virtue of Legal Notice 92/2020. All persons are banned to travel (a) from all countries to Malta, and (b) from Malta to all countries. 

This restriction does not apply to the following categories of travel:

i)  cargo flights, ferry flights, humanitarian flights, and repatriation flights; 
ii)  cargo  ships,  including  container  ships  and  ro-ro vessels carrying goods and essential commodities, and tankers loaded with essential fuels; and
iii)  the travel of certain persons or goods which is deemed to be essential by the  Superintendent  of  Public  Health who must do say by notice in the Government Gazette. 

If  your flight is cancelled, this entitles you to a reimbursement. It is important to understand that, although airlines are currently offering passengers a voucher, airlines should still allow passengers to choose between reimbursement and rerouting. Therefore, if you had your flight cancelled and were offered a voucher by the airline, you have the right to refuse the voucher and to be reimbursed or rerouted instead.