The team at Camilleri Cassar Advocates assists clients in their affairs relating to immovable property, including the acquisition or sale of real and personal rights thereon or other related matters.


Lease Agreements:
Over the past years the Maltese laws regulating leases were the subject of dramatic changes focused on the eradication of old protected leases. Our team provides advice on the clients’ position in terms of the said legislation as well as advice on the entry into of new lease contracts which are separately regulated.


Transfers Immovable property:
The elements of a contact of sale of an immovable property are (i) the identified property, (ii) the consideration, (iii) the capacity of the person involved and (iv) the contract which shall be according to the legal formalities of a Public Deed. We specialise in assisting our clients during the various acquisition / disposal phases, including the drafting of the promise of sale (konvenju), the vetting of pubic search with a view to ensure that valid title is being acquired and the review of the public deed of acquisition. We also assist clients on their rights attached to immovable property such as servitudes which include party walls, waste water systems and others. Our litigation team are also equipped to assist clients on the enforcement of their rights through the courts of Malta or other venues.

A complex or block of apartments where the ownership, or the use, or the enjoyment of the common parts thereof is vested in two or more persons who are the owners of a unit therein is subject to the laws regulating condominium. Maltese condominium law requires that every complex has its condominium statute (a set of rules to regulate the common parts) and an administrator who shall be appointed by a majority of the owners of the same units forming part of the same complex during a condominium meeting. The administrator is responsible from the day to day administration including the maintenance of the common areas. Our team can provide our clients with assistance vis-a-vis condominium law including the drafting of the condominium statute, the enforcement of the any right therein and others matters relating to administration or ownership rights.