We specialise and provide assistance on all legal matters relating to Family Law, including personal separations, filiation, repudiation and paternity suits, adoption procedures, divorce proceedings, annulment proceedings (both those filed civilly and those filed with the Ecclesiastic Tribunal).

Separation proceedings regulate and determines matters relating to the community of acquests as well as maintenance and custody. When children are part of the process the best interest of the child is at the forefront of our team members. Divorce proceedings under the Maltese legislation can be considered only when a person has been separated (de iure or de facto) for 4 years. We also handle the local registration of foreign divorce proceedings when the latter is required to have effect in Malta. Annulment proceedings are regulated by Chapter 255 of the Laws of Malta. The institution thereof is aimed at annulling the marriage as opposed to separate proceedings which terminate the marriage.

Annulment proceedings can be brought both before the Civil Courts or the Ecclesiastical tribunal depending on the client circumstances. Filiation, Paternity and Repudiation cases include situations which usually arise out of co-habitation or post personal separation cases. Filiation cases are those which lead to the paternity of a non-marital child, whilst repudiation case are those which are instituted when a person is listed as the biological parent of a child and is interested to contest the legal fiction.