The Listing Authority, acting through the Malta Financial Services Authority has issued a series of circulars providing, where possible, extension of certain prescribed reporting deadlines and reminding the market of the importance of providing timely inside information. 

Timing of regulatory reporting due to the outbreak of COVID-19

On the 21st March 2020, the MFSA issued a circular allowing for the following possible extensions: 

1. Guarantors of Listed Companies - Annual Audited Financial Statements
The MFSA will consider granting an extension for next publications which are due within four months from the year end only following an official request is made setting out the exceptional circumstances.

2. Financial Analysis Summary 
The MFSA has stated than an extension of the existing deadline of two months from the publication of audited financial statements, for a further two months will be possible for the publication of a financial analysis summary (FAS). Once an Issuer's audited financial statements are published, the Issuer would have four months to publish its FAS. 

Additional extensions have been provided to credit institutions, pension providers, funds, financial institutions and investment services providers, 

Periodic Information Required Pursuant to Transparency Directive

On the 27th March 2020, the MFSA issued a further circular pursuant to which the importance of complying with legally established reporting deadlines. A sort of forbearance process has been put in place for any delays issuers may face as a result of the COVID19 crisis in abiding by its reporting deadlines. In this context, the MFSA has required issuers to notify the market and the Listing Authority on the delay, the expected date of compliance and the reason for the said delay. This process only applies to the publication of audited annual financial statements and interim half yearly unaudited financial statements.